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The Release

The Umbrella Movie

We have partnered with a company called Flix Premiere are so excited to announce that The Umbrella will finally be released in the United States! Go to see the movie. It premieres August 12th at 7pm EST. See the website for full details! Flix Premiere is the true independant filmmakers platform, given artistic talent a voice. We couldn't be happier to be releasing The Umbrella with them in the US. Jump online and watch it!


The umbrella movie

The Story

An umbrella was designed to protect; a shield, manufactured specifically to be used to defend against the natural elements. What if, however, an umbrella could do more than just protect its user from mere sun or rain? What if it could protect its user from pain?

Jared Evans’ umbrella does just that. Sure, it may not be real to anyone except him, but whenever pain, fear, or any other unpleasant emotion threatens to bare its ugly head, Jared has only to release his imaginary umbrella to escape into a world that he is all too familiar with...numbness. 

It’s not until his therapist, Henry Green, convinces him to carry around a real umbrella to shield him in times of trouble instead, that Jared begins to understand; his umbrella may protect him from pain, but it also protects him from life. 

Haunted by pain from his past, but disengaged from life in the present, Jared must make a choice; he can run and hide like he's always done, or choose to finally let go of his umbrella and find the freedom that comes from living honestly.

The Initiative Production company

The Initiative Production company

Behind the Scenes of the Umbrella

Behind the Scenes of the Umbrella

BEHIND The scenes of the Umbrella

BEHIND The scenes of the Umbrella

Behind the Scenes of the Umbrella

Behind the Scenes of the Umbrella

BeHINd the scenes of the Umbrella

BeHINd the scenes of the Umbrella


Community Based Film Approach

Crowd Sourced

Crowd Sourced seems to be the new buzzword. It's more than a cliché to The Initiative Production Company thought. Every aspect of this film was created by you the audience. Funding, producing, acting, locations, ect. This was a community approach to the filmmaking process. Watch this company's journey making the film, and you can clearly see that a lot of sacrifice was necessary to see The Umbrella come to life.


Casting Local Talent

During the casting process of The Umbrella, The Initiative Production Company did an extensive casting process involving local talent management and casting agents. The search revealed some of the best talent right in our own backyard of Brisbane. The creatives in this city are hungry for great projects. 

Developing a powerful crew Base

The Initiative Production company was able to pull off a massive effort like The Umbrella because of the amazing crew on the project. It was staffed by a pairing of industry professionals along side of upcoming film students and young professionals. This model allows for accelerated creative development. 

The Incredible Backdrop of Brisbane

When people refer to filmmaking in Australia, most people are talking about Sydney or Melbourne. However, Queensland is the best kept secret in the Industry. Brisbane itself provides a huge range of locations and backdrops. It is almost a character in itself in The Umbrella. 


Creative Equity

For the freshman film fromThe Initiative Production Company everyone gave of their creative equity to see this amazing project come to be. This was a huge step from award winning short films, but The Initiative's community approach to filmmaking truly paid off in the end. 

...We’re all scared of who we used to be. It’s what makes us who we are now. Choosing, every day.
— Helen Evans