Meet the Cast


Jared Evans

Josh Potthoff

American native, Josh can do it all. Not only is he an award-winning short film writer, but a seasoned actor as well. He got his start acting in The Initiative's productions and was immediately recognized as a natural talent. 



Henry Green

Shaun Trainer

Shaun has been acting and performing live music as a guitarist and generally entertaining since a very young age. He grew up in Perth, Australia where he first studied acting. Shaun has appeared in a number of TV dramas, commercials, and feature films.


Jane green

Belinda Raisin

Belinda trained as a professional ballerina, and later went on to study acting and singing. She completed her Bachelor of Theatre Arts (Acting) at USQ (2008) and was awarded a QLD Arts Scholarship by the QAC. 


Edith Roberts

Amber Joy Smith

Amber loves being a part of musicals and theatre, but loves screen acting as well. She studied screen acting with the University of the Nations in Kona, Hawaii, and has since acted in many short films. The Umbrella is her feature film debut as an actress.


Helen Evans

Pattie Williams

Pattie is the director of a ministry called 'Into the Fields' that facilitates short term mission trips, into Cambodia, for women. Though she has always wanted to act she’s never found the time, and is excited to make her debut.



Frank Evans

Darrell Plumridge

Darrell has been acting on both stage and screen for the past 19 years, having completed over 30 films. He loves the idea of bringing a character to life, and having an audience feel for that character in some way. To him, that’s what acting is all about.



Laura Green

Cassie Hilbers

Cassi is already an accomplished, award-winning songwriter and performer, and something of a YouTube sensation. Though she has acted in several short films, this is her first role in a feature. 




Jessie Richardson

Jesse graduated in 2005 with an Advanced Diploma of Film, Television and Theatre Acting from The Actor’s Workshop. With a large body of commercial work, this is his second feature.




Charlie Sells

Charlie comes from a musical performance and theatre background. After starring in several short films, we are excited to debut Charlie in his first feature film. 


Young Jared Evans

Ethan Fortunaso


ruth collins

Charis Jackson

Dr. Price

Belinda Small

Margery Grey

Wendy Spencer

Pastor Jim

John Sayles


Susan Green

Chloe Joyce


Andrew Evans

Dylan Fortunaso



Justin Gerardin

Maybe Lyndon_Lyford.png


Lyndon Lyford


Mother at Church

Susan Stenlake